welcome to chux's stupid corner

chux be adding games thou

being an idiot one muffin at a time • 2small4mall • breaking: derpy will be best pony for all eternity • imagine liking cupcakes • twilymemes is very huggable. hug him • life update: i still gotta get a life • specky the banana is so damn cool!! • wtf is a stick909101 • give queen derpy hooves lots and lots of boops • still don't know the reason of this site's existence • is anyone even gonna read this far? • choccy milk is best drink • YEET • dm derpchux#6992 on discord • anyways this is gonna repeat now after the long gap that idk how to remove

music (ponyville fm)

WIP! last change: 05-16-2022

click me! click that. it's cool, i promise.

btw this site might be better at some point in life, but maybe not.


check that out, the discord embed widget still has the old logo. cool

you could also go to ig

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